Desmume error 0xc00007b

The Application was unable to start correctly with the error code 0xcb is a Windows Operating System bug which usually occurs after you update your system to its latest version whether you are installing Windows 7, 8, 8.

The most affected victims of this error are the people who use Windows There are a lot of reasons due to which you receive this Windows error code 0xcb. The error might be due to an invalid image format.

If you are trying to run an application which is designed to run on the bit operating system but your computer is running on a bit Windows. The Application was unable to start correctly error can also be caused due to problematic software which has corrupted files, virus infections, registry errors, etc.

The Application was unable to start correctly error 0xcb can also occur if you are not running the software as an administrator. As Windows will fail to process a particular file or the necessary settings to run the application and so the software will not start correctly. If this problem affects only one application on your system, then the app might corrupt and needs reinstallation.

However when this error prevents you from opening a number of programs, then it must be your. NET framework 3. So if you are troubled due to The Application was unable to start correctly error, read this article further to find out the possible solutions to this error.

If The Application was unable to start correctly error affects only one app on your computer; then this method should be used. So try to launch the app through Administrative privileges. If they are not installed well, Programs will not be able to work regularly and will give you various errors of which the 0xcb is one. At First, right-click on Windows key and select Control Panel. After this reboot your computer. You need to restart your PC several times to let the installation take place.

Sometimes the software requires running as administrator, and The Application was unable to start correctly error occurs if the software is not running as Administrator. This solution works if all the users have an administrator account. So providing administrative privilege will solve your problem. To rectify The Application was unable to start correctly error:.

Then click Yes on the popped up message that appears, and you will be able to run the application now. Then click on OK.

The most common reason of The Application was unable to start correctly error which prevents you from opening more than one app or program in your computer is that the Microsoft.

NET framework is missing or corrupted or outdated. This framework is there in your Windows 8 and 10 computer by default so it cannot be removed or modified. But if it has been damaged or corrupted due to some significant changes in your computer system, it can be fixed by downloading and installing the latest Windows updates or by running a scan with an optimization utility that is Reimage.

To install the updates:. It is one of the most critical parts of your computer. You need always to make sure that your computer is updated to the latest version of DirectX so that you will not receive the problems like The Application was unable to start error correctly. For this download, the setup file and Run it. Then follow the on-screen instructions that are displayed to reinstall it. When the installation takes place, you have to restart your computer.

As I mentioned earlier sometimes The Application was unable to start correctly error occurs when the application running on your system is not compatible with your computer system. So you need to change the compatibility settings between system and application to get rid of The Application was unable to start correctly. To do this:. At First, right-click the on the application that does not start correctly and select Properties.Several versions of Windows OS are available now a day and users use them as applicable for them.

Some of the users are still using Windows 7 while some have already switched to Windows 8 or Windows 8. This error code is 0xcb. Well there can be various scenarios under which you encounter error code 0xcb. You may get this error while doing any of the following:. Clicking OK will certainly terminate the corresponding application. You will not be having option except to close the application. This error is very common in Windows OS and it is certainly very annoying.

So we are here to give you some easy and efficient methods to fix Error 0xcb on Windows Operating Systems. In this section, we will be giving you some easy and efficient methods to fix error 0xcb. Downloading the required dll files on your Windows OS will certainly fix error 0xcb. Now you must be wondering which dll files are actually required. Well, you need not worry about that. Just download the files given below on your Windows OS. Follow the steps as given below to fix error 0xcb.

There are certain applications, especially some software that are required to be run as an administrator for security purposes. This can also cause error 0xcb to occur. If this is the case, follow the steps given below to fix error 0xcb. There are certain applications, especially Games for which DirectX software is mandatory. An older version of DirectX software on your system may be responsible for error code 0xcb.

In order to fix error 0xcb, you need to download and install the latest version of DirectX. These were some of the most effective and efficient methods to fix error 0xcb. Do let us know how these methods worked for you.The unable to start correctly error is an application problem in Windows environments, and it can be a frustrating issue. There may be several reasons why you get an error like that when you try to run a program, and with a couple of simple troubleshooting steps, you should be well on the way to being able to fix the problem.

That particular error code refers to an invalid image format. However, what the error code usually means is that you are trying to run a program that is intended to work with a 64 bit Windows operating system, but that you only have a 32 bit OS. There are a couple of other reasons why this might be happening as well, particularly if you know you have a 64 bit operating system, or have been able to run the program in the past.

Here are some troubleshooting steps for you to follow. The first thing that you should do is try to restart your computer. Although this seems as if it is far too simple of a step to actually work, you would be surprised how many times it actually does. If you have restarted your computer and you are still unable to load the application, then you can go onto the next step. Try to uninstall and reinstall the program. This solution works particularly well when you have been able to run the program in the past, but are somehow no longer able to do so.

The unable to start correctly error code might come up because a virus has corrupted or deleted some of the files on your computer, and has fooled that application into giving you that error code to identify the problem.

Obviously, if you have a virus on your computer, then you are going to have to fix that as well or you will run into the same or similar problems with other applications. How to get to the Control Panel in Windows Vista or 7 You will then be presented with a list of applications installed on your computer.

List of installed applications in Windows 8 Troubleshooting Error 0xcb For New Programs The unable to start correctly error code may come up right after you have installed a new program. If this is the case, then the first thing that you need to do is make sure that you have the correct version of the program for your Windows environment.

For some reason, the installation might have not completed successfully, and a reinstall should fix it. Using a Recovery Disc for Troubleshooting. Go ahead and confirm and restart your computer.

How to Fix Error 0xc00007b in Windows 10/8.1/8/7 [2020 Tutorial]

You will likely need your OS or recover disc when the computer restarts. This may fix the unable to start correctly error for the application you were trying to run.If you want to know more, you can read the complete press release. This entry was posted on Friday, November 27th, at pm and is filed under Releases.

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I have Downloaded this version yesterday. All works well, prof. I have the 0. I can play with the older version so well, but I would to report this bug anywhere. Quick question.Determining which one is the troublemaker may be extremely difficult, especially if more then one file is involved.

So, how about replacing them all together? If that happens, and the error is not fixed, you can easily return your original files to their locations and everything will be back to its previous state. Ok, here we go:. Thank you so much man, ur the only one on the whole internet that could give a clear answer.

Your email address will not be published. Skip to content. February 28, at am. Matt says:. March 4, at pm. Nauman Khan Afridi says:. March 5, at pm. Thank you so much sir. You solved my great problem. Again Thank you so much. March 8, at am. March 9, at pm. Amin says:. March 17, at am. Hidsan says:. August 29, at am. Sayan says:. August 31, at am.

Rahatil says:.Phone Transfer. Feel upset that your computer cannot boot anymore with the error code '0xB' in Windows 10, 8 or 7? Cannot finish the system installing process and even get a BSOD issue? All your troubles can be fixed now. If you are worried about losing important data in your PC while solving the problem, you may directly try Fix 3 and Fix 4 to get the problems solved.

And to figure out reasons will help you find out the most effective solutions. Step 4: Press "F10" continuously till a window pops up with the message: Save configuration and reset? Step 5: Then you'll see a Setup Window, and you can follow the guide to setup Windows again:. First option is recommended as the fast choice to get 0xB blue screen problem solved in your PC.

And a powerful partition manager software will help you solve this issue with ease. Correctly connect the drive to your computer.

However, if you do not have a storage device at hand, you can also save the ISO file to a local drive, and later burn it to a storage media. Once made the option, click "Proceed".

You can manage your hard disks and partitions through the bootable drive whenever the computer fails to boot normally. This may lead data loss trouble in your PC on C drive.

But you don't need to worry. You may try professional data recovery software such as EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to let it help you scan and restore all lost data. This is the most direct way that most users try but you shall be very careful so to avoid further problems in your Windows PC. Tracy King - Can't shut down your Windows 10 computer or laptop completely? Windows 10 stuck on shutting down screen on your PC?

New MBP suddenly shut down while copyin…. Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition can easily recover deleted, lost and formatted files or folders fr….

This article will…. Click on it.Error 0xcb is one of the most annoying Windows errors that users have to face these days while trying to run some application including games like Fifa, GTA, Max Payne, Battlefield, Far Cry, Assassins Creed, Call of Duty and many other games and applications which are pretty popular among the people. The error code 0xcb mainly appears like shown below, but it can also appear while accessing some application:.

The application was unable to start correctly 0xcb. Click OK to close the application. However, there may be other reasons for this error: interrupted installation of updates, the incorrect shutdown of the computer or the deletion of programs directly from the installation folder. NET Framework. Here are some methods to test one by one. Go to the official website of the manufacturer of your computer or laptop or just on the site nvidia.

{Solved} Fix The Application was Unable to Start Correctly (0xc000007b)

Download and install the driver and restart the computer. It is very likely that the error will disappear after that. If you are using a different video card model, try updating its driver. A common cause of application initialization error 0xcb is a damaged or missing DirectX file. Download and install the latest version of these apps from the official Microsoft website. Uninstall them using the Remove button. After that, install DirectX.

Try to download and install the latest Windows updates or upgrade your version of Windows 10 to the current build. For example, in GTA, this in some cases helps to fix the error.

Follow the instructions:. This method is simple but it is helpful for a lot of people who had this problem. All you have to do is to re-install the application in which you are having this problem.

Sometimes the application you are using is not compatible with your system. To fix this issue you have to try to run these apps in compatibility mode.

This is effective for the games which require high system configuration like Fifa, Far Cry, Assassins Creed, Call of Duty and many others. Check the integrity of the system files. To do this, open the command line with administrator privileges and execute the command:. If you receive an error Windows Resource Protection found corrupt filesrun the following commands:.

The cause of the error can be a corruption in the logical structure of the file system or physical disk damage and can be resolved by checking your hard disk for errors and bad blocks. In the event that the error is related to the error 0xcb when starting the game, it is worth trying to study the dependent files of the game using the utility Dependency Walker.

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Using the official Microsoft utility— Process Monitoryou can track the activity of a problem application at startup. This way you can identify files, libraries or registry keys when accessing them, you receive the error 0xcb.

The Process Monitor utility allows you to monitor processes accessing to the registry Regmonfile system Filemon in real time and receiving more detailed information about the interaction of processes, resource use, network activity and input-output operations. In some cases, users have reported that the error above appears on illegal Windows versions or on third-party builds after installing updates. Install the original version of Window. I need Immediate help!!!!!!!!!

I have tried everything and nothing literally nothing has worked!!!!!!! I just tried all the steps mentioned above and the problem still continues.

What will i do? I reinstalled my windows 8. What to do now??? I still get that error even after doing all the above process, in windows 8.


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