Hey duggee season 3 episode 27

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hey duggee season 3 episode 27

You can change cookie preferences ; continued site use signifies consent. At the Squirrel Club, Duggee the lovable brown dog has fun activities for children, who earn badges for doing cool things and learning new skills! Call Netflix Netflix. Creators: Grant Orchard. Watch all you want. Episodes Hey Duggee. Season 1. Release year: The Drawing Badge 7m. The Cake Badge 7m. The Hair Badge 7m.

The Summer Holiday Badge 7m. The Rescue Badge 7m. The Super Squirrel Badge 7m. The Jam Badge 7m. The Treasure Hunt Badge 7m.

The Scarecrow Badge 7m. The Funny Face Badge 7m. The Bouncing Badge 7m. The Leaf Badge 7m. The Omelette Badge 7m. The Food Growing Badge 7m. The Paddling Pool Badge 7m. The Paper Boat Badge 7m.

The Castle Badge 7m. The Show And Tell Badge 7m. The Rocking Horse Badge 7m. The Get Well Soon Badge 7m. The Hiccup Badge 7m.Duggee is a big lovable brown dog, who runs The Squirrel Club; a place where children have adventures and earn badges for their accomplishments.

This video is currently unavailable to watch in your location. Add to Watchlist. By clicking play, you agree to our Terms of Use. Episodes 13 1. The Football Badge. Audio languages Audio languages. Duggee decides to play football, but when he kicks the ball to the Squirrels they look at it blankly. They don't know what to do! The Puppet Show Badge.

hey duggee season 3 episode 27

Duggee and the squirrels had a great adventure outside and want to tell everyone about it. What better way to tell a story than through a Puppet Show! First they make the puppets, then we can all sit back and enjoy their tale. The Birdwatching Badge. Duggee is using his trusty binoculars to do some bird-watching, and of course the squirrels want to have a go too.

The problem is, if you want to go bird watching you have to be very very quiet.

Hey Duggee, The Bumper Collection!

The Big Parade Badge. Duggee introduces the squirrels to his friend Eugene, the leader of the Big Parade. Poor Eugene has lost his hat. Don't worry Eugene, the squirrels will find you a new hat in their dressing up box. And maybe they can join in the parade, too. The Be Careful Badge.

It's a beautiful day and everyone is outside enjoying themselves in the sunshine. Everything is peaceful until Naughty Monkey starts throwing banana skins down from his branch. That won't do at all! Be careful everyone! The First Aid Badge. The Squirrels are playing Copy the King when Tag falls over and bumps his knee. Duggee has his First Aid Badge so he can bandage Tag up.

The Squirrels want to help too and they practice their bandaging on Happy. The Bubble Badge.

Hey Duggee - Series 3: 16. The Philosophy Badge

Duggee has a pot of bubble mixture and he's blowing fantastic bubbles. It's hard to do but the Squirrels get the hang of it eventually.

Poor old Happy just can't get the hang of it, until he comes up with an idea, one that will see him make the biggest bubble ever! Just watch out for prickly old Hedgely! The Submarine Badge. It's a day out for Duggee and the Squirrels who are off on an underwater adventure with Betty's dad in his submarine.Hey Duggee is a British animated educational preschool television series aimed at 2 to 5 year olds. The programme is based around The Squirrel Club, an activity club for children.

The children take part in all kinds of activities, have adventures and earn badges for their accomplishments.

Hey Duggee is airing its third series. It was first shown in December A third series was commissioned in October[3] with the first episode due to be broadcast in Autumnbut was pushed back to 4 March The programme is animated using the computer program Flashwith a minimalist style using filled shapes with no outlines, and only effects that Flash is capable of, [4] and only the Duggee character uses any gradients.

The frog character is a plain green triangle. The production team consists of around 16 in-house animators, with six to eight scriptwriters. Every episode starts by showing what one of the Squirrels is doing at their houses. They are interrupted by the Narrator saying "[Name], isn't it time for?

During the opening theme music, they run out of their house to travel to the clubhouse with their parents in vehicles.

Hey Duggee season 3 episode 13

Duggee exits the clubhouse with his signature "Woof" and does a little dance, and the other characters from the show can be briefly seen.

The Squirrels hug their parents, run to Duggee, and the series' logo is shown. This is followed by the title card, which is an image of the badge that the Squirrels will earn this episode.

Usually each story will start with the Narrator saying "Hello Squirrels! I wonder what Duggee has planned for you today? Whatcha doing?

In each episode, a situation will present itself that can be solved by learning a new skill. When the skill has been learned, and the situation resolved, the Squirrels receive one of Duggee's badges. After their parents have arrived to pick the students up, the narrator states "Just time for one more thing Then the Squirrels return to their parents with the badge they have earned.

The final scene of each episode has the Narrator saying "Well, that was fun, wasn't it, Duggee? If it is something that makes Duggee laugh, the Narrator might also laugh and say "Oh, do stop it Duggee". Then the end credits roll which usually features Duggee sleeping in his kennel, only to be woken up by the Squirrels shouting "Hey Duggee!

Sander Jones as. Phillip Warner as. Adam Longworth as. Lucy Montgomery as. The series made its British television debut when the episode "The Tinsel Badge" was aired in advance on 17 December as a Christmas special on CBeebies. Its regular run began on 12 Januarywhen the first episode, "The Drawing Badge", was shown. This is narrated by former Norwegian footballer and game show host Jonny Hansen.

In Italy, The series premiered on 6 June on Cartoonito. On 15 October through 4 November 12 episodes were announced including a Halloween special in the UK and most countries.TV Schedule. Sign In.

Playtime with Duggee - 20+ Minutes - Duggee's Best Bits - Hey Duggee

Hey Duggee —. Season: 1 2 3 Unknown. Add Image S2, Ep1. Error: please try again. When the squirrels find Duggee playing saxophone, they want to have a go too. Several pots, balloons, tins, water and tubes later and the squirrels are making music. And boy, are they loud! Add Image S2, Ep2. When Egg, the cheeky little chick, goes on the run again, Duggee whistles to get him back. Hang on a minute Duggee, what was that noise?

A whistle? The squirrels want to learn how to whistle. Add Image S2, Ep3. The squirrels are playing a shape game. Working out which shape goes where is tricky. Add Image S2, Ep4. Duggee is going to make the squirrels juice from the garden. While picking the fruit, the squirrels meet a little bug, full of woes about being too small. Add Image S2, Ep5. The squirrels are playing hide-and-seek, but they can't find Happy. The squirrels follow lots of different footprints that take them to their friend but there is one set they can't work out.

Add Image S2, Ep6. The squirrels are digging in the garden when they come across a fossil, so Duggee and Narrator explain all about fossils and prehistoric times. Add Image S2, Ep7. Duggee is cleaning the clubhouse so the squirrels take refuge in the treehouse, but it's getting a little bit cramped these days.

Norrie has an idea - maybe they need to add an extension. Add Image S2, Ep8. It's a very windy day and the squirrels want to play outside. What can they do? Duggee knows - he's flying his kite. The Squirrels set about making their own kites to fly. Add Image S2, Ep9.

Episode List

Duggee has made a beautiful rock pool. The Squirrels spot the strangest things - dots with tails, wriggling around. What on earth are they? They are baby frogs - tadpoles! Add Image S2, EpDuggee is a big lovable brown dog, who runs The Squirrel Club; a place where children have adventures and earn badges for their accomplishments.

This video is currently unavailable to watch in your location. Add to Watchlist. By clicking play, you agree to our Terms of Use. Episodes 13 1. The Drawing Badge. Audio languages Audio languages. It is raining, so Duggee and the squirrels stay indoors to do some drawing.

Can anybody guess what Duggee has drawn? The Cake Badge. Happy finds a cake lying around the field and decides to eat it. But whose cake is it? Turns out it belongs to the rabbits, and they're very upset that someone has eaten their cake. Duggee decides to make the rabbits a new cake so with lots of help from all the squirrels they make carrot cakes for everyone. The Hair Badge. Duggee is having a bad hair day. Can the Squirrels help him at all? They've got lots of ideas and lots of things to try out.

Norrie knows what to do so she goes first, but Duggee lets them all have a go. It doesn't take long at all before Duggee doesn't even look like Duggee anymore! The Summer Holiday Badge. The Squirrels are out tobogganing with Duggee when they spot a migrating bird fall from the sky.

Mawk, the bird, lands in the snow, suitcase and all. He was looking forward to going on his summer holiday because that's what birds do in the winter. Can the squirrels help him, and will they know what to pack in Mawk's suitcase?Join Next Episode Sign In. Quick Account Setup. Create and Sign In. Join Now. The best TV app on mobile! Get it now free for: iPhone or Android. Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.

Learn more Got it. Hey Duggee Episodes Guide and Summaries. Season 3 Season 2 Season 1. Hey Duggee is based around 'The Squirrel Club'-run by a big friendly dog called Duggee-a place where kids take part in all kinds of activities, have adventures and earn activity badges all along the way.

Duggee teaches the kids about being responsible, working as a team, taking acceptable risks and most importantly ChildrenAnimation. Grant Orchard. Previous Episode. Episode Summary. Alexander Armstrong as Narrator. Sander Jones as Duggee. Jasmine Bartholomew as Betty. Duke Davis as Happy. Leo Templer as Roly. Alfie Sanderson as Tag. Poppie Boyes as Norrie.

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Thu Mar 07, The Camouflage Badge.Hide ads with VIP.

hey duggee season 3 episode 27

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