How to conceive a baby boy indian calendar

This is the most accurate Chinese baby gender calendar for Chinese baby gender predictor. Are you planning for a baby of Rat in or a baby of Cow in ? The Chinese Baby Gender Prediction Chart is a cross-reference table between women ages and conception months for families to choose baby gender before pregnancy.

People wonder that the conception months are the Chinese lunar months or the Chinese zodiac months. The conclusion of the study is we can compromise Chinese lunar month and zodiac month into one revised lunar months.

The lunar days in Chinese lunar months are also in its corresponding zodiac months. The following are the new revised Zodiac-Lunar months of This will help women planning to conceive a baby with the desired gender. The first day of the Rat year is on April 4,which is the first day of the Tiger month.

The Chinese New Year Day is the first lunar day of the first lunar month. The following list is the Chinese Lunar months. If you want to use the Chinese Baby Gender Prediction Chart to choose the baby gender, then we suggest you refer the days in the adjusted months to conceive the next baby.

Predicts Baby Boy before Pregnancy using Chinese Gender Chart

Plan for Baby Boy using Chinese Astrology. According to our study, the sex ratio males per females at birth is affected by the seasons and regions. The blue boxes indicate that months have a higher sex ratio in that region. We put the Boy Count of the Prediction Chart in the bottom row of the chart. If women in China plan for baby boy, they can conceive a baby in the spring. In other regions, women can choose the conception month in the fall for baby boy.

Woman's age is the Chinese age. Woman's Conception Month is the Chinese lunar month. Blue is for boys and pink is for girls in the chart.People often tell the stories about how to conceive a baby boy when asked to parents that what they like to have a baby boy or girl their reply they want a healthy baby and gender does not matter.

There are many theories rotate how to conceive a baby boy but beware of the false stories. Knowing about your menstrual cycle and ovulation is first step toward conceiving. When you are conceiving about baby boy it becomes more important. The best way to conceive the baby boy having sex at the time of ovulation. The male sperm dies faster and female sperm lives long and can meet with an egg that is why it is advised to have sex closer to the ovulation can increase the chances of conceiving a baby boy.

There are plenty of apps available that can track your cycle. You can log into the app to track your symptoms. It is extremely important to maintain a healthy lifestyle for both of you. To conceive a baby boy you need to be healthy physically and mentally. Avoid smoking and drinking before you try to conceive. Try Different Sex Positions: To conceive a baby boy you need to say goodbye to missionary position and try to find out new more creative positions for sex.

The best combination to conceive a baby boy is the right sex position, correct cycle and timed intercourse. The deeper the penetration the closer the sperm will be of the uterus. The key to conceive a healthy baby boy is having a great diet.

Eat alkaline fruits which will help male sperm to swim easily as male sperm swim easily in an alkaline environment. Eat potassium-rich diet in breakfast. Eat green vegetables and avoid sugar and processed food. Female orgasm plays a vital role in the conception of baby boy. While the female body reaches orgasm an alkaline fluid is secreted in the vagina and helps sperm to float easily.

This can increase the chances of male sperm to hit the egg first. However, there is no scientific evidence of this but there is no loss to trying it.While varying advice, myths and legends on how to conceive a child of a chosen sex have been around for centuries, whether any of these are successful or not is difficult to determine scientifically.

A fascinating array of myths and old wives' tales have popped up over time, including:. The Chinese have a lunar calendar based on the woman's age and the month she conceives, providing couples with 'girl' and 'boy' months to try conceiving in.

Astrologists also have theories about sex selection according to where the planets lie at a particular time and date. Article continues after audio. A tragic misconception of history wrongly assumed it was women who were responsible for producing either a son or daughter. In consequence, many women suffered physically and emotionally for not producing a son and heir because of the importance that many societies placed on males.

We now know, for example, that a man's ejaculation of semen contains a mixture of X chromosome sperm to conceive a girl and Y chromosome sperm to conceive a boy.

The possible factors that could influence the success of one variety of sperm over the other to fertilise an egg have since become the basis of modern sex selection theories and techniques. What myths or old wives' tales have you heard for conceiving the gender you want?

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how to conceive a baby boy indian calendar

Stuff for school. Early life nutrition. Ask the expert. Beauty and style. Career and money. Fitness and wellbeing. Things to do. Kids games. Art and craft. Family travel. A fascinating array of myths and old wives' tales have popped up over time, including: Having sex under a full moon for a girl, quarter moon for a boy.

Doing it in a certain position missionary for girl, standing up for a boy. Facing a certain direction head of the bed to the north for a boy. Indulging during a particular season of the year or only at a certain time of day sex in autumn for a boy.

In Medieval times, alchemists and herbalists suggested couples drink prescribed concoctions just before sex. Some ancient tribes believed in wearing particular garments or trinkets.The baby predictor tells about astrology childbirth prediction and pregnancy prediction, it helps for a plan to conceive a healthy and lucky child according to astrology and Vedic scriptures.

Our astrology child predictor, says about 'how to plan a child before pregnancy and birth' according to astrology and Hindu Vedas. So that, the baby will be happy and healthy in the life with a prosperous future. Yes, it is possible to get a good, healthy with the bright future child as recommendations of astrology, but it totally depends on the time of conceiving a baby before being pregnant.

This tool shows the best nights for intercourse, which is based on the menstruation date of a woman, which can be used before pregnancy. Select even or odd night, whichever you want for the intercourse. Do not confuse with odd or even nights, this is for an astrology calculation purpose, you can select any one. Read the guide, how even or odd night used for baby birth.

Select the menstruation date of woman. After submitting the details, the tool analyzes odd or even nights based on your preferences and shows the preferred odd or even nights for the purpose.

For the how to find better and healthy child, according to Vedic astrology, follow some tips. These rules apply to both boy and the girl child.

Because of the good constellation or Nakshtra, Tithi and days make an auspicious future in the horoscope of a baby. If best constellation, Tithi and days which mention below come on the night of intercourse, then it will be good for boy baby or a girl baby.

Conceive Baby Boy? Helpful tips For Anyone Looking To Conceive A Baby Boy

You should avoid these constellations, Tithi, yoga, time and days for escaping bad effect on boy or girl baby. The bad yoga should be avoided also, these are Bhadra Kaal, Sarhaad days, time of the afternoon and evening. For further baby future prediction you can check your baby name lucky or not in numerology also. The life begins from the womb of the mother, so according to the astrology, planets and constellations affect the future of a child from that initial journey.

If those conjunctions are good, thus the future can be good also. In the astrology, cycle is used for 24 hours, so you should pick up the date of the previous day. Such as, if the date is 10, thus you assumed 11 on the 2 PM, but you should use 10 for this tool. Chinese gender prediction chart claim so, in that age of mother and menstruation date is used to make prediction about the gender of baby.

Although, this tool do not designed to make child gender forecast. Disclaimer: This Vedic child Planner is computer software. Use of any method or prediction shown on this page, is visitor's own choice and liability. Readers are advised to consult a doctor first. Indian Astrology Portal. Frequently Asked Questions Does time of conception affect the future of a child? If I am in menstruation at 2 o'clock at night, then what date of menstruation will be considered?

Is Chinese gender prediction correct? You might be interested: How to plan baby according to astrology. Is your baby name lucky by numerology. Name numerology for child name predictions. Baby's Moon sign prediction by name. Nakshatra astrology predictions for child.Close search.

Ovulation Calculator. BabyHopes free ovulation calculator helps you figure out your most fertile days for getting pregnant. If you are specifically hoping for a boy or a girl, we can give you suggestions based on Dr.

how to conceive a baby boy indian calendar

Shettles recommendations. Your menstrual cycle length is the number of days between when your period started to the day before the next period starts. If you already know your menstrual cycle length, scroll down and enter your information! If you don't want to manually figure out the length, you can just click here. All you need is the start dates of your last two periods.

We will calculate your cycle length for you. Calendar Limitations Cycle lengths of more than 35 days are too long for appropriate calculations.

Cycle lengths of less than 21 days are too short for appropriate calculations. Fertility supplements can be helpful if your cycle is too short or long. They can balance your hormones and regulate the length of your cycle. The supplements also encourage regular ovulation. Our calendar cannot be used to prevent pregnancy.

Calculate When You Are Most Fertile First day of last menstrual period: Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 Length of cycle: 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 days Show me my most fertile days for: 1 2 3 4 5 6 Months Show me the best days to have sex in order to increase my chances of having a baby girl or baby boy.

Scroll down to see your most fertile days! First day of last menstrual period:. Length of cycle:. Show me the best days to have sex in order to increase my chances of having a baby girl or baby boy.Tuesday, December 5, Indian methods to conceive baby boy in hindi. One the other hand, a few researchers have discovered some pure strategies of preconceptional collection of fetal sex; these strategies embody many tips to offer beginning to a boy.

The primary pure strategies for controlling the gender of an offspring are: the diet strategies, the timing strategies and the Chinese language Gender Calendar Methodology The timing methods focus on scheduling the sexual intercourse, while the Chinese Pregnancy Calendar technique is predicated on figuring out, utilizing an historical calendar, the month in which a toddler of the desired gender could be conceived.

The most important topic of debate among a pair, when the lady gets pregnant is, whether a woman little one is ready inside the womb or a baby boy? It might generally be the case that the husband and need for an attractive little lady and so they uncover a child boy have taken birth.

Though it is not that coronary heart paining to see something contrary to the one wished in terms of giving delivery to personal children, but nonetheless, generally it leads to discontent as effectively. Furthermore, would be mother and father eager for a child boy to carry ahead their title can also get a baby girl in stead. This is something we think about as God's want and Nature's want, wherein we have hardly anything to do in any respect.

Because of this we remain happy with what we get. A less in style yet used method for figuring out the child's gender and growing the possibilities of getting pregnant with a male child is alkalizing the vaginal environment by douching. Using particular products that make the reproductive tract more alkaline can enhance the probabilities for male sperm to fertilize the egg as feminine sperm does not survive for too long in alkaline environments.

My suggestion do not go by early days thing…simply simply take the 30 days date period and guess.

how to conceive a baby boy indian calendar

How To Get Pregnant With A Boy Naturally Many aunties consider that if the pinnacle of the kid is felt within the left portion of the pregnant lady, it's a the top is felt on the best hand side of abdomen, it should be a girl. As per the first convention, you have to be blessed with a child boy. It is because your missed period date 10 dec comes between poornima to amavasya. As per the first conference, you have to be blessed with a child boy.

It's because your missed interval date 15 March comes between poornima to amavasya. As per the first convention, try to be blessed with a baby boy. It's because your missed period date seventh March comes between poornima to amavasya. It is usually claimed that avoiding orgasm will be the key to conceiving a girl. The female orgasm releases an alkaline secretion which may help boy sperm to outlive longer, by creating a less hostile atmosphere.

This in flip, restricts how near the cervix, the sperm are ejaculated. Boy sperm swim very quick for short durations, so by preventing deep penetration, you may be able to forestall the boy sperm from reaching and fertilising the egg.

Proper before ovulation, the mucus must be elastic and watery, comparable in consistency to a raw egg white. Shettles recommends charting the cervical mucus for not less than a month prior to conception.Do you want to conceive a baby boy? Finding out when you are more likely to conceive a boy is not so difficult, especially in the modern age of the Internet, new technologies, and advanced developments. An accurate ovulation calculator for baby boy already exists and here is everything you need to know.

Before figuring out how to have a baby boy, you must learn how to determine your cycle effectively. This is because you are more likely to conceive on the day that the egg leaves the ovary. To determine the perfect time for pregnancy you must subtract the luteal phase from the period of the menstrual cycle - usually, it means half of a cycle.

You do not need to carry out difficult calculations and take the difficult temperature measurements to know how to have a boy. There is a simple, yet effective tool found on numerous websites that deal with fertility and motherhood. The ovulation calculator will help you know the best time to conceive a baby boy after periods.

Ovulation calculator for baby boy: how it works

The common lady's menstrual cycle lasts 28 days. It means that the calculation of your ovulation in order to conceive a boy will convince you that conception can happen within 14 days. As soon as the female body is close to the time of ovulation, there is a huge production of a well-known hormone which is called estrogen. And when the estrogen level reaches the peak, there is a considerable amount of release of luteinizing hormone.

The perfect time for a woman to conceive a baby boy is only two days after the release of this special hormone.

how to conceive a baby boy indian calendar

It is currently possible to find out everything with the help of specialized home tests demonstrating the level of concentration of LH - you can easily buy them at any pharmacy. It is better to start doing your tests twice a day in the middle of the cycle. A lot of women can easily determine their cycle by the body signals - they experience a feeling of pain and discomfort in the abdomen all day.

For others it is an unfamiliar sense - in this case, you must rely on the calculator to help you. In the case of any problems with the cycle regularity, determining the special day for conception will not be easy for you, so it is really recommended to consult your gynecologist, who can easily advise you on this issue.

Calculating the cycle is a process that is considered the most reliable and efficient, despite its labor intensity.


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