Obara ogbe ifa

Ogbe Obara from the elision o egbe oba ra meaning the Spirit of consciousness brings the kings taboo. In the Yoruba language the word Oba for king can be further unpacked as o baba meaning the collective spirit of the fathers or the wisdom of the grandfathers. The taboo spoke of here is the taboo against arrogance. Odu Ifa is very clear that arrogance leads to greed, greed leads to the need to control others and the need to control other is the source of buburu aye meaning destruction or negativity on earth.

obara ogbe ifa

The antidote to arrogance is humility. The ire or good fortune that comes in this verse is the good fortune associated with humility. Empathy is considered the source of generosity and Ifa teaches that generosity is the source of good fortune in the world.

This verse is very clear in making that point. The woman doggedly curved her hands. She took her husband as being miserly cast divination for the Ridge.

Commentary: The ridge is the place where we contemplate the future a woman standing at the ridge or the place of contemplation is considering mirage, but had concerns that her future husband was not generous. He asked. Commentary: the husband seeks divination to determine what he needs to do to move forward with his marriage.

In this verse the question might relate to a relationship but marriage can be considered a symbol for any project involving interaction with other people. The Ridge combined two cowries with three. Commentary: Doing divination on the Ridge is asking a question about the future. Ifa is not a fortune telling system it is a problem solving system so the question is not will I have a successful marriage, the question is what do I need to do have a successful marriage, the answer is not to be miserly.

When he got a wife to marry It was the Melon that he married. When it was time for Melon to produce children She had so many children They filled all available spaces The woman doggedly curved her hands She took her husband as miserly cast divination for the Ridge The one that was going to marry Melon as wife Who has children these many?

It is Melon that has children these many Melon. Commentary: The verse says if the client is generous his marriage will be successful.Ifa Orula enero 17, 1. OgbeSignos 8, Views. Ellos le aconsejaron que ofreciera sacrificios de dos gallinas y dinero.

Las personas se encuentran en medio de abundante riqueza al pie. Cuando se estaba preparando para la nueva cosecha del festival. La cosecha nueva del festival se estaba acercando. El o ella no tiene motivo de temor. En tiempos antiguos, el Elefante era tan grande como una rata. Los morteros se volvieron los pies del Elefante. Ellos cumplieron. Ambos triunfaron y fueron felices en su vida.

Esto se hizo varias veces pero el carnero no pudo caminar. Eran rituales lo que estaba usando para cerrar la puerta del cielo firmemente.

Le aconsejaron que ofreciera sacrificio de dos guinea-aves, dos gallinas y dinero. Ella fue advertida sin embargo que ella nunca debe exponer el secreto de su marido.

Ella fue entonces a la casa de Alakole. Ellos fueron a informar alakole. Ellos hicieron. Le pidieron que ofreciera sacrificio. Dos buenas cabezas, dice la gente, son mejor que una. Esto es muy importante y debe ser tomado seriamente. Ella estuvo de acuerdo. Sin embargo, ella tiene una influencia de su casa donde su familia son bien portados y muy importantes en la sociedad.

Le aconsejaron ofrecer un sacrificio con dos palomas, dos gallinas de Guinea, ocho ratas, ocho pescados y dinero. Ellos dos eran amigos, pero su amistad era como si fueran hermanos. Ambos cumplieron. Les dieron el mismo consejo. Este fue para siempre su arrepentimiento por haber rehusado ofrecer el sacrificio prescrito.

obara ogbe ifa

Deja a aquellos que fueron advertidos de cumplir el sacrificio. Esto es con el mejor resultado para la familia y la hija.

Related Articles. Ogbe Iwori enero 10, Designed by Sahily Gonzalez.Post a Comment. This current work will be useful to any practicing Babalawo and Ifa devotee who want to have detail knowledge of Odu Ifa Obara Ogbe.

It is instructive that any information reveals or commentaries made during the course of this work is authoritative and can be rely on as a practicing guide by any Babalawo or Ifa devotee in field of African Ifa spirituality.

The author of this work Babalawo Obanifa is an authoritative leading Ifa and Orisa theologian so any knowledge reveals and document in this work is for actual spiritual practice.

What are the taboo of Odu Ifa Obara Ogbe? What are the area of compatible profession or career for those born under the star of Obara Ogbe. Some sacred messages in Odu Ifa Obara Ogbe and commentaries on them. These aforementioned and more will be the major focus of this current work. What is Odu Ifa Obara Ogbe? The Babalawo do have other appellation for it.

Egungun- Egungun function for ancestral support, success and acquiring of all Ire of life. Sango—Sango function for victory over enemies, peace of mind and subduing of enemies and their conspiracy.

Ogun- Ogun function for victory and opening of door for prosperity. Oyo — function for getting support and assistance. Obatala- Obatala function for wealth and blessing. Below are commonly Identifiable taboo for those born under this Odu:. What is the area of Compatible profession or career for those born under the star of Obara ogbe?

Below are some of the names available for this purpose:. Ifasina- Ifa open doors. On this, Ifa says. Iku yoo. Arun yoo. Dia fun won lode Ido. Ibiti won gbe n tanna le ajogun ibi lo. Ko deru o maa lo o. A o tanna Ifa wi won lara o. Death leave. Ailments go. Where they put on light in the night to chase away malevolence forces. Death in this land.IFA under this vibration speaks of uprightness, faithfulness and straight-forwardness to the spirit and to our fellow beings in order to attract the light of GOD and the blessing of divinities.

While Obara means duality, double character and mischievous attitude and imbalances, Ogbe means light, wisdom, power, prosperity, riches, harmony, longevity and understanding, and taking the two vibrations together means duality and double personality which will not attract the blessing and the light of OLODUMARE, unless spiritual steps are taken to correct the error. IFA says unfaithfulness attracts imbalance and disequilibrium that put away the light, the understanding and love of GOD from our life.

Obarabogbe speaks of the belief that transcends doubt, skepticism, fear and ignorance in all ramifications. No one should doubt the outcome of IFA divination, the wisdom of odu and the presence of divinities as the primordial force of the universe. No one must discard the prediction of IFA and the oracular advice of ODU, they are the premise by which all things in the universe are created as the power of GOD to protect, prosper, bless and ensure longevity is beyond suspicion and disbelief. He was advised that this world you were going, be patient, calm and intelligent to turn things around.

You could become whatever you want to be, as long as you carry out the sacrifice and the instructions of IFA. The sacrifice of twenty one kola nuts, twenty one bitter kola, twenty one alligator peppers, two rats, two fishes, two chameleon, head of a snake, sixteen leaves of sawere pepe, sixteen leaves of etiponla, sixteen leaves of mariwo, sixteen leaves of aje.

Faith according to Obarabogbe detest skepticism, doubt and hatred. A man of great faith commands respect, honor and great power in the spiritual realm and in the physical plain.

All things work out within the frame work of spiritual understanding and values. To understand spirit and divinities need faith, It takes faith to accept that man is indeed a spiritual being and spiritual activities are needed to control his physical steps and direct his affairs.

Misfortune and fortune are turned around through faith. No human should contest spiritual steps when asked to do so because out of faith these vibrations come into existence.

Faith stimulates the potent spiritual vibration in creation. For More, Contact Ogunsina: Adewuyi2 gmail. Obarabogbe habla de la creencia de que trasciende la duda, el escepticismo, el miedo y la ignorancia en todas las ramificaciones.

Cancel reply Leave a comment Message Name.Post a Comment. All this and more will be the major focus of this work.

obara ogbe ifa

The folloing has been identify. They should not eat the emo lawn-cutter rats or use them for anything. They sshould not be setting traps or shooting to kill to kill animals.

They must not use dye. They must not engage in a business that involves dark painting. They dhoud not be ungrateful or forget about favous they get from people.

They must never disrespect or mistreat their parent or superior. It is also not good for the, to be a hunter, but they can be a succeful soilder or war lord.

Iyanifa discuss 2020 Odu of the Year Ogbe Otura

And any feild like politic is also advisable. They also a succeful healer, spiritualist and a practicing babalawo. B y this we the name that can be given to born by this odu during their itefa or ikosedaye.

They exist in both male and female cartigory. They have the luck of building many houses, having many commercial enterprises and being in command of much wealth. These children can not be imitated in this regard.

But then they are discharged when they have achieved their goal. This is a major fault in them. They will know the secret of life and the whole world to their advantage. They must, However, never underestimate the importance of any woman in her ability to Knowing the world more than any other person rests entirely on women. They they should never look down on any woman. Therefore, they should not have anything to do with dye or black dresses.

If possible, they should wear only white dresses. They should use white bedspread and white blanket. If they do, they will be scammed from such a company. On the other hand, if they did not do that, they They will carry the curse of their parents for the rest of their lives.

They must be able to take all the necessary and appropriate steps to avoid a situation where they will fed the disease for the rest of their lives. Ifa says that the client would soon be successful in his or her life and that the succes would be more interesting and more rewarding for him after organizing his life, to achieve this. It is the Emo rat which cuts grass into small pieces. It is the grass cutter that rolls grass in the stream. They were the ones who make Ifa for the day.

They also make the same for the night. Both of them were warned to offer sacrifice for abundant success and honor. They both complied. They wanted to know if they would both be successful in life.

They were asked to offer sacrifice for them to succeed, and to have honor and prestige now and in future life. They were asked to offer two Guinea-birds each and money as sacrifice. Both of them complied. They were the ones who cast Ifa for the day.IFA says those who are working secretly to destroy his plans will not have power to do so because light will shine upon the darkness of his life.

There will be no hiding place for those who are planning to destroy his desire and investments. The ladies of nightly rites will attract success to the business and stop all evil provocations. They will attract the blessing of the divinities, prosperity and success to the business or investment. IFA speaks of blessing of prosperity that goes beyond human comprehension after doing all the sacrifice and rituals.

Riches, success and wealth will flow like water flowing down from mountain top to the valley. IFA says, Ela will pour out from heaven the blessings of prosperity, success, riches and wealth on such investment. Ifa will establish breakthrough and victory on the investment and such individual will have peace of mind, harmony and serenity in his life. Ifa advise such an individual to offer sacrifice of knife to Esu and a male hen to Odara. He should take the knife of Esu and place it on the top of yangi, the symbol of Esu shrine to prevent evil and family curse from manifesting in his life.

Ifa recommends initiation into Esu cult as a way to deter all family curse and destruction to our life. Ogbebarada also speak of the fight or arguments within the family. It speaks of crisis among the same family members as a result of witches, wizards and the evil darkness of the world interfering in the family affairs. Constant crisis within the family arises as a result of potent negative vibration and the manifestation of the energy and vibration of the unknown witches within the family, whose evil plans and their manifestations are only revealed through divination and Odu.

May Olodumare guide us and protect our life and family from every attack of evil, witches and wizards. IFA dice que el poder de las brujas nos impide cumplir ciertos objetivos en la vida. Habla de crisis entre los mismos miembros de la familia como resultado de brujas, magos y la malvada oscuridad del mundo que interfiere en los asuntos familiares.

Nje Ogbe lawo Obara A difa fun Oluperi Ti ota nperi re sibi Eyi ti won deru ibi le lori Mo ti da sonso abe ooo Mo ti da sonso abe ESU Odara ko lori ti a gberu le Mo ti da sonso abe Ero mokun, ero Mosa E wa bami ni jebutu ire Jebutu owo, jebutu omo Jebutu ire la bani lese Orisa Translation: Ifa let my sacrifice be auspicious Ela let my supplications go to heaven above Ogbe is of the same world with Obara This divined ifa oracle for Olori repete To whom heavy load was put on his head I have created a tiny sword I have created a tiny sword Esu the great magician does not have a broad head To lift and carry load I have created a thin and tiny sword The people of the ocean And the people of the sea All shall come and meet me at the valley of victory Because at the valley of victory lies all blessings The blessings of wealth and the blessings of the children Let all meet me at the city of victory.

Ase Ogbebarada also speak of the fight or arguments within the family. Ela bendice todos mis pasos y me recompensa con prosperidad Bendice mis inversiones y aprovecha todas mis empresas, Ase. Que todos se encuentren conmigo en la ciudad de la victoria. Cancel reply Leave a comment Message Name.Liliana Tribal, of course.

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Liturgical Yoruba Language the Symbolism of Odu Ifa

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