One piece 895 countdown

Hajrudin's group leaves Buggy's Delivery as Buggy is furious at their resignation. Luffy unveils his new Gear Fourth form, Snakeman, which makes him slimmer and faster.

Luffy's RETURN One Piece 732 HD Engish Sub

Luffy unleashes a new set of moves against Katakuri and pushes his dodging abilities to the limit, but Katakuri manages to fight back with powerful mochi attacks.

The two fighters then claim that they will end the fight and engage in a tremendously powerful clash. Luffy activates Gear Fourth : Snakeman.

one piece 895 countdown

The form only marginally inflates his arms and legs, but he states that he is much faster as he shoots an extremely fast punch at Katakuri. The attack seemingly misses, only to come back and hit Katakuri in the face. Luffy then strikes again, and Katakuri notices an attack coming for his side, but he is unable to defend fully against it as the strike knocks him away. He recovers and dodges another punch aimed straight at him, but realizes this time that it is wrapping around to hit him in the side and dodges it again.

However, Luffy says that it is useless as his arm continues to not only keep changing direction, but increase in speed as it does so, and he successfully hits Katakuri and sends him crashing into a wall. Katakuri quickly recovers, and Luffy shoots another punch at him, but the Sweet Commander dodges it as he shapes himself into a donut and rolls toward Luffy.

Powered by his momentum, Katakuri then swings out a mochi arm covered in flaming Busoshoku Haki and spikes and rams it into Luffy with great force, which he calls Diced Mochi.

The stickiness of the mochi prevents Luffy from escaping as Katakuri swings his arm around before slamming it into the ground, sending Luffy crashing through the floor of Mirro-World and creating a small chasm. Luffy briefly expresses the pain he felt from that attack before jumping up to face Katakuri, and the two exchange rapid punches. The exchange ends with both of them being forced back, and after Luffy's next punch is foreseen and countered by Katakuri, Luffy uses Gomu Gomu no Black Mamba to move his punches around in every direction at great speed.

However, Katakuri manages to gracefully dodge the attacks and kicks Luffy away before bending into a circle and rolling toward Luffy again. He says that this is the end, and Luffy counters that he will bring forth the end instead as he blows into his arm while moving his punch around toward Katakuri. Luffy's forearm expands as he unleashes Gomu Gomu no King Cobra against Katakuri's Diced Mochi, and the two of them engage in a massive clash.

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one piece 895 countdown

Create and Sign In. Join Now. The best TV app on mobile! Get it now free for: iPhone or Android. Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Learn more Got it. As the Pirate King Gold Roger was executed on the gallows he revealed that he left everything he owned in life in "One Piece". This sparked the great age of pirates; a time where all attempt to journey to the end of the Grand Line.

Monkey D. Luffy dreams of finding the legendary treasure and becoming the Pirate King. Together with his crew, his nakama: Roronoa Zoro the swordsman, Nami the navigator, Usopp the marksman, Sanji the chef, Tony Tony Chopper the doctor, Nico Robin the archaeologist, Franky the shipwright, and Brook the musician; the Straw Hat Pirates travel the Grand Line on their ship the Sunny Go in search of adventure and fulfillment of their dreams!

But, many will stand in the way of Luffy's dream and the dreams of his nakama - pirates and the World Government alike. AdventureFantasyAnimeAnimation. Eiichiro Oda. Previous Episode.

The Flower Falls! Episode Summary.The Straw Hat Pirates are ambushed by a group of bounty hunters led by Cidre out at sea. After escaping the attack, the Straw Hats go to an island with carbonated water. Luffy separates from his crew to explore the island. The bounty hunters attack him once again but Luffy also meets Boa Hancock again. They later go to the Cidre Guild 's stronghold and encounter Cidre.

Buena Festa contacts the bounty hunter Cidre to reveal to him that Douglas Bullet will be attending the upcoming Pirates Expo. Cidre looks forward to killing all the pirates in attendance, whose combined bounties are projected to total over 10, but is intent on taking down Bullet especially. Festa says that Bullet is not the only attraction, as Monkey D. Luffy has also been invited, but Cidre reveals that his guild is already working on taking down the Straw Hat Pirates.

Out at sea, the Straw Hats are under attack by the Cidre Guildwho are flying on saucer-shaped vessels. Under the command of Ginger and Guaranathey blast the Thousand Sunny with carbonated water from special guns.

The Straw Hats take down many of the members, but they are still overwhelmed, so they manage to escape using Coup de Burst. After landing, the crew recognizes that the Cidre Guild uses carbonation in their attacks like the Sunny does, and they immediately go to repair the damage on the Sunny. This leads them to find out that the ship's cola supply has run out, and they decide to get more as soon as possible in case the Cidre Guild attacks them again.

Fortunately, they very soon reach an island, and Luffy volunteers to head out and buy a barrel of cola. Luffy ventures on the island to find it contains pools of carbonated water, and sits with his feet in a pool as he drinks a bottle of cola. After drinking it all, he runs into the ramune saleswoman Caramelwho reveals that he can only buy a whole barrel of carbonated drink from the island's factory.

However, she warns that the island is under the control of the Cidre Guild. Luffy runs toward the factory, but is confronted by Ginger and his subordinates.

Luffy battles them, but is hit by a powerful carbonated liquid attack, sending him falling into a sinkhole, where he is swept away by an underground river. Elsewhere on the island, Boa Hancock is having a bath when Luffy suddenly emerges from one of the spouts. Hancock is very flustered and happy to see him again.

Episode 895

However, Guarana reports to Cidre that Hancock and Luffy are together on the island, and Cidre decides to take the opportunity to take down both of them and blame Hancock's death on Luffy.

Ginger then leads his forces to Hancock's bathing location, where they are attacked by Boa SandersoniaBoa Marigoldand Elder Nyon. However, Ginger blasts through them and the wall, and they enter the bath.

Luffy stands in front of Hancock to keep her Hoof of the Soaring Dragon hidden, but Hancock takes a stand as well and assists in attacking them. Nyon gives Hancock her clothes, and the group takes down all of Ginger's subordinates. Being the last one standing, Ginger unleashes carbon dioxide gas, forcing Luffy and Hancock to escape together while Sandersonia, Marigold, and Nyon are split up from them.

Guarana reports to Cidre that Luffy and Hancock are heading toward the factory, and Cidre decides to go after them himself. Near the factory, Luffy apologizes for getting Hancock involved in the recent fight, but Hancock is happy to see him, thinking they would not reunite until the Pirates Expo.

Luffy does not know what that is, and she reveals that it is an event that happens at random intervals where powerful pirates gather from all over the world.Total Profit of 1. Near to 1st Target. Low risk taker book profit of 21. Total profit of 4.

One Piece (JP)

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one piece 895 countdown

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one piece 895 countdown

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